Reduce, reuse, recycle: Update 1.4 is here!

February 24, 2015


Block worlds are composed of delicate ecosystems that must be nurtured and maintained. However, the web of block life has started to groan under the weight crafted weaponry and discarded map geometry! What is to be done about this? How can the blocks be saved?

Our theme for update 1.4 is recycling! We’ve brought you a new feature that embodies each of the core principles of conservation that so many of us learned as wee block folks. Reduce: clear out your inventories of weapons and devices you don’t need via the long awaited Salvaging system! Reuse: trade away or sell weapons you don’t want or that you have multiple copies of via Steam Trading and the Steam Marketplace! Recycle: we’ve taken the original Titan Factory map and given it a major overhaul to turn it into the new Recylotron TDM/Horde mode map!


We hope you guys enjoy these new additions to Minimum, in particular the long-awaited implementation of Steam Trading. We’ll see you in the recycling pit!


  • [Maps] Recyclotron (IND01) is now playable in TDM and Horde modes! See details later.
  • [Trading] Steam Trading is now available for all weapons, armor and devices!
  • [Marketplace] Steam Marketplace is now available for all weapons, armor and devices!
  • [Salvaging] You can now salvage your unwanted weapons and devices to get back some of the crafting materials that went into them. See details later.
  • [Bots] AI bots can now use devices (grenades, proximity mines, etc) in TDM and Titan modes.


  • [UI] Fixed a bug where the left panel of the End of Match screen would sometimes show options from other menus.
  • [Armor] Corrected the Olympian armor description to reflect what it actually does.



Do you miss the original Titan Factory? Do you wish you could go back and relive the glory days all over again? Do you have a hole in your heart that only a brand new map can fill? Well J-Money sure does, which is why we’re (re)introducing Recyclotron!

What’s so special about Titan Factory 1.0 Recyclotron? It’s been completely streamlined. In fact, we took out almost 75% of the map! Spawn Containers? Gone. Creeps? Gone!* Titans? GONE! If you love less, then you’ll love this map! In fact this map is so streamlined it only qualifies for TDM and Horde modes, and just barely!

You may be asking: “What exactly IS a Recyclotron?” The answer seems obvious but I guess we can explain it to you anyway: it’s a Recycling Cyclotron. Clear as day! No? Well think of it like this – all the left over recyclables from Titan Factory 2.0 get dumped into this big room, which then starts to spin all those recyclables around into one giant trash tornado. What’s the purpose? No one is certain.

Recyclotron is a new(ish) TDM and Horde map salvaged from the defunct Titan Factory 1.0, spruced up to better match its new game modes, and released into the wild with MINIMUM testing. Long range weapons can dominate in this open map, but there’s nowhere safe to hide for long so don’t get comfortable, camper. Shards have been liberally placed to provide the fastest pace of any of the TDM maps.

*Creeps will show up in Horde mode, we are aware of that feature.


To salvage your weapons you must first go to the workshop in the main menu (the button that looks like a hammer and anvil).


Click the Salvage tab at the top to see a list of items that can be salvaged for crafting materials.


You can salvage either weapons or devices. Once you click on a category you’ll see a list of the weapons/devices that can be broken down for components. Under each thumbnail you will see a button that says GET followed by the list of materials you get from salvaging that weapon. You cannot salvage Maximized weapons or special event weapons (such as the “My Lil Hell”).


Once you click on an item to salvage, the game will ask you to confirm that you want to exchange the item for crafting materials.


Once you click ok to confirm your item will be taken from your inventory and you will receive crafting components.

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