Release notes for 50112

May 13, 2014

Just a few minor fixes and balance adjustments from our previous beta weekend build. We already have our first “real” update planned out and we’ll be giving you guys some additional information on that soon!

We’ve also done a wipe of all player stats and inventories as part of our transition from beta to early access.

Gameplay changes:

  • Reduced damage for the Grenade Launcher at the outer portion of its blast radius. Will be making further grenade launcher adjustments in the future.
  • Fixed a mistake where the Pickup Hell still had the same damage and fire rate as the basic Bullet Hell.

UI changes:

  • UI now makes it clear that “maximization chance” is an upcoming feature.
  • Attempting to craft a copy of a weapon you already have now generates a warning popup letting you know that that’s what you’re doing.

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