Release notes for 50122

May 20, 2014

It’s time for our first content update since going live on Steam Early Access a week ago. We showed a lot of this stuff on our sneak peek developer stream last week, but now you guys get to experience it directly. Included here are some of the new features and fixes we’ve put in since our last release:

New features:

  • Match Invitations and Direct Joining – now you can use your Steam friends list via the overlay to invite friends to matches or join your friends in a match in progress. This is the first step in our plan to roll out better matchmaking and more support for playing with your friends. Note that you may not be able to join friends if the server they are in is already full.
  • Disaster Zone – our new Titan Mode map! This is a very, very early version of our in-progress Titan Mode map. It features lots of verticality, larger spaces and longer sight lines to encourage sniping and moving in squads. This map is in what we call the “blockout” phase, where we have roughed in and tested the play spaces but haven’t put any effort into the prettiness of it all. We want feedback from you on how you like the new map, and we’ll work that into the final release of it in our next update!
  • Device Crafting – now you can unlock schematics and craft new devices just like you can with their big brothers, the weapons. We have also added 2 new devices for you to create using the new system!
  • Napalm Grenade – a new class of grenade that does less initial explosion damage but leaves a large area of fire where it lands. Enemies that walk into the fire will take damage and be lit on fire, causing them to take further damage over time even after they’ve left the effective radius.
  • Fire Turret – unlike the minigun turret, the fire turret is designed for short range ambushing of players. It excels when placed around blind corners and does high initial damage combined with a strong burn effect that lingers even after the target has left the damage zone.
  • Major Tom Armor – a new armor set designed to make you feel like a 1970s astronaut! The Major Tom set features extended jump height to simulate low gravity as well as reduced damage from explosive weapons.
  • Tactical Armor – designed specifically to compliment ballistic weapons and long-range snipers, this armor is perfect for those who wish to strike their foes from afar. It takes reduced damage from melee but more damage from explosive weapons as well as enhances damage dealt while crouching.
  • Beta Survivor Armor – a special armor set just for our beta participants! We’ll be rolling this armor out to your accounts over the next few days but the armor is already present and functional in the game.


  • Increased the accuracy of sniper rifles and gave them a more distinctive sound.
  • Reduced the damage radius on the grenade launcher.
  • Rebalanced armor stats across the board. This is part of our ongoing process to specialize the armor sets and make their intended roles clearer.
  • Increased mini launcher damage (again).
  • Increased level cap to 19 to accommodate new schematics being added to the game.
  • When an armor is available to be upgraded the crafting screen will now say “UPGRADE” rather than “SYNTHESIZE” to help clarify what it happening.
  • Added motion blur toggle to the options menu.
  • Made weapon trails more accurate to what the weapon is actually doing. This particularly impacts sniper rifles.
  • Added new models and trails for grenades and turrets. They should be much easier to distinguish at a glance than they were before.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused crafting screens to show junk data rather than the expected crafting information.
  • Reduced the rate at which a bug would occur where players would attempt to craft armor, the screen would close and an animation would play but no armor would be crafted.
  • You can now both open and close the crafting menu with the same key. Esc will still also close the crafting menu.
  • Added additional logging to the matchmaking system to help aid in future matchmaking improvements and debugging.
  • Explosive sniper rifle is now correctly flagged as dealing explosive damage.
  • Pickup Hell fire rate and damage are now correctly lower than the Bullet Hell.

We’ll be putting up some more details roadmaps for what our next updates will look like and what you can expect out of us for the next few weeks. Until then, enjoy our first major update to Minimum and we’ll see you in the Zone!

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