Release notes for fix build 50374

September 18, 2014

This is a build focused on fixing crashes and improving matchmaking and disconnections. We’ll have additional builds coming out next week with further fixes and improvements as well as live adjustments to matchmaking today and tomorrow.


  • [Crash] Fix for a crash that can occur when connecting to a matchmade game.
  • [Hang] Fix for the app-hang that sometimes happens when exiting Minimum
  • [Horde] Fix for Horde Mode servers not giving out rewards. Also adjusted the way rewards are given¬†during Horde Mode to make more sense (based on # of waves rather than time).
  • [Horde] Fix for Horde Mode games occasionally failing to end due to unreachable enemies.
  • [Matchmaking] Adjustments to matchmaking to help relieve long queue times.
  • [Matchmaking] Fix for matchmaking that could cause it to pick a higher ping server when a lower ping option was available.
  • [Crash] Fix for a crash that could occur when merging player groups during the matchmaking process.
  • [Crash] Fix for another instance¬†where VOIP usage could cause a crash during map rotation.


  • [UI] Shock Blunderbuss renamed to Thunderbuss, which is the name we would have given it if we were as clever as our players.
  • [Gameplay] The Berserker Armor set has had its stats adjusted to make it more usable.
  • [Missions] Added additional missions.

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