Release notes for fix build 50386

September 23, 2014

We’ve burned the midnight (and weekend) oil to bring you guys another patch to address a bunch of stability and matchmaking issues! This one resolves a bunch of different crash conditions and improves our error logging to help us track down erroneous disconnects and matchmaking failures.

Our next patch will be focused primarily on disconnection problems and matchmaking improvements based on the data we collect from this patch.


  • [Crash] Resolved an issue that could cause client crashes when rendering shadows on certain destructible objects.
  • [Matchmaking] Reduced the number of stages matchmaking goes through and increased the rate at which is expands its search criteria to reduce instances of matchmaking timeouts.
  • [Crash] Fix for Steam DLL mismatch that could occasionally cause crashes when matchmaking or exiting the game, as well as other circumstances.
  • [Server Crash] Fix for an infinite loop that could cause servers to crash in Titan Mode.
  • [UI] Fixed flickering loading screen.
  • [Matchmaking] Fixed private match servers so that they properly report themselves to the matchmaking system again after being released.
  • [VOIP] Temporarily disabled VOIP as it was causing a difficult to reproduce crash in several instances. Will bring it back once the bug is resolved.
  • [Logging] Added tons of new error logging to improve our ability to track down disconnection and matchmaking problems.


  • [UI] New feed screen has been updated to look less ugly and render faster.
  • [UI] New matchmaking screen and flow implemented. Further changes will be coming to this is future updates.
  • [UI] Added web-based server browser to in game matchmaking panel.
  • [UI] Added a new notification system to communicate server outages, network congestion and other problems.
  • [Gameplay] Spectator camera now properly labelled.
  • [Gameplay] Added warmup period to all game modes. This improves the matchmaking experience and increases the likelihood of matching into fresh (rather than in-progress) matches.
  • [Balance] Sword AoE damage area changed from a sphere to a cylinder. Players can now more easily jump over sword attacks.

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