Release notes for weekly build 50244

July 18, 2014

Another week, another weekly build! We’ve been bad about patch notes recently but we’ve finally got our new new section roughed in for the game client so these things should be much easier to get in front of you guys. This week is a lot of small weapon balance tweaks, a few bug fixes and the long awaited pre-release version of our newest Titan mode map!


  • [HUD] Team color support added to (most) of the existing Titans! We’ll roll out support for the rest soon.
  • [HUD] Team color support added for a few of the existing armors (the ones that cover most of the block people). We’ll be doing a larger, more comprehensive color change soon.
  • [HUD] Armor no longer changes color when upgrading. We’ll be adding new armor level signifiers soon.
  • [UI] Completion percentage and KDA trophies moved to the profile button in the upper-right of the UI.
  • [UI] Account overview screen replaced with a news section! This is a very early rough in of the functionality and we’ll be making it prettier over the next few updates.
  • [UI] Loading screen tips finally updated to things that make sense!
  • [Balance] Auto sniper base damage increased at levels 1-4, decreased at level 5.
  • [Balance] Rail sniper base damage decreased at all levels.
  • [Balance] Self-heal on the Healing Katana’s AoE heal secondary ability has been removed.
  • [Optimization] Combined bipedal Titans onto a single animation rig and skeleton to reduce memory usage.


  • Unintended AoE damage removed from the rail and auto snipers.
  • Fixed an issue where spawn containers would always appear red (even those for your team).
  • Fixed an issue where team colors sometimes wouldn’t update after switching sides.


Bots have been enabled for both TDM and Titan modes! They do their best to blend in with the general population with clever techniques like discussing which weapons are OP and how the only reason you killed them was because they lagged.

In Titan mode, bots understand all of the core objectives of the game including creep farming, attacking and defending Titans and¬†assaulting bases. They will build armor and level up their weapons as well! We’ll be continuing to polish and improve the bot AI over the rest of our time in Early Access, so please do give us feedback on them.

New Preview Titan Mode Map: Mountain Death Temple!

As we did previously with Disaster Zone we’ve released Mountain Death Temple (MDT) early so that you guys can start giving us feedback. This map features a number of unique features including:

  • A cliff face that allows players to fall (or be launched!) to their deaths.
  • A central creep farming space that forces teams to confront each other during the creep phase.
  • Floating platforms and other shortcuts accessible only to those using jump-assisting armor or weapons.
  • A brand new visual style!

Currently, MDT uses the same ancient and modern Titans and creeps that you’re familiar with, but this is only temporary. We’ve got two brand-new Titan models and a brand-new creep model coming for the final, polished version of the map. We’ll be teasing you with some screenshots and live streaming of these cool new models in the near future.


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