Release notes for weekly build 50264

July 25, 2014

This is a smaller patch aimed at preparing for our soon-to-be-released 3.0 update. We’ve got a handful of fixes and some improvements to bot AI. Keep an eye out for our big update that’ll have new maps, creeps, Titans and devices!


  • [UI] Corrected tutorial text for the PLAY NOW button to correctly note that TDM is available (it claimed that only Titan mode was).
  • [UI] Fixed some inconsistent display name text for the Knight armor set.


  • [AI] Bots now correctly prioritize powerups.
  • [AI] Bots can now sprint properly and should do so more often.
  • [AI] Bots will now do the full 3-hit combo when using swords.
  • [AI] Bots are better at creep farming and will actually collect Titan crystals.
  • [Balance] Reduced the fire rate of the Grenade Launcher to match that of the Plasma Launcher. This is a reduction from the fire rate increase it got last patch, so it falls between the two values.

There are also a bunch of extra map and asset files that are there in preparation for our big 3.0 update. We’re trying to spread these out so they don’t come down all at once, so some files are there but they won’t be enabled until later.

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