Release notes for weekly build 50306

August 15, 2014

This week’s build is a small set of changes on the surface but a whole pile of stuff underneath the hood to get the core of party matchmaking functional. There are a number of known bugs with party mode right now (which we’ll detail in the patch notes ahead) but we’re working diligently to get those sorted out. Be sure to let us know on the forums if you find any others!


  • [Balance] Rail sniper is no longer too powerful for an alt fire – it is now exactly powerful enough to have one. The alt fire is a stronger shot that takes a short time to charge.
  • [Balance] Paladin helmet and Icarus helmet have had their stat values swapped in preparation for further armor adjustments coming in the future.

Party Matchmaking

It’s finally here! We’ve got the core functionality for party matchmaking now in the game. When you get the matchmaking options after hitting “PLAY NOW” you’ll see a new button that says “INVITE FRIENDS” – just click that and you’ll be presented with a party list and your Steam overlay will open to allow you to invite friends. As they accept your invites you’ll see them appear in your party list.

To kick someone (if you’re the party leader) simply click their name in the party list. To invite more people (if you’ve already closed the Steam invite overlay) just click an empty party slot and the overlay will reappear.

You can also join someone’s party using the join game options from your Steam friend list.

Currently known issues:

  • If the party leader leaves a match and rejoins, the party members will leave and re-join as well.
  • If the party leader quits the game (or it crashes or looses internet connection) the party members will get kicked from the match they are currently playing.
  • If the party leader leaves a match, and then kicks a member from their party, that member will get kicked from the match they are playing in.
  • If a player is kicked from a party, they will not be able to accept another invite until they click “OK” on the message box that told them they have been kicked.

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