Sneak-peek of Desert Canyon’s visual update!

October 3, 2014


Introducing a sneak peak at the visual overhaul for Desert Canyon!

Paul, our environment artist, did a visual polish pass on Desert Canyon to bring it up to the standards he set down with Path of Lanterns. The main goals were to bring more color into the map and to reinforce and invigorate many of the visual themes already present.

The biggest change is that the catwalks have been overhauled. The elevators have been redone as well, and we added mine carts filled with crystals to add variety to the cover. We’ve spread this look further into the creep caves as well, which have been brightened quite a bit. Crystal pillars now push through bedrock, and the caves just feel more cave-y and distinct from the outside areas.


In addition to and partially as a result of the visual update, many of the areas in the map have been reworked slightly, including the team spawn areas, though the core game play has not changed.

  • Visual overhaul of catwalks, caves and crystals
  • Caves are now brighter and more distinct areas from the central Titan lane
  • Spawn containers updated, spawn areas tweaked
  • Small gameplay changes in numerous areas
  • New victory cinematics (maybe you can even see them now!)

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