Sneak-peek of The Event’s visual update!

October 10, 2014


The Event is the next map on our visual update list and our core goals remain the same: reinforce the theme and increase visual fidelity to the same level as that of Path of Lanterns. As one of the game’s oldest maps there was a lot of work to be done!


The flags flowing in the wind are now tattered from war and the ground is cracked and smoldering. Building interiors have started to collapse from the destruction and details have been added all over the level to make it more believable. The end result is that the level feels more like the aftermath of a devastating catastrophe.


We also took this opportunity to address the weaker level design aspects – primarily the fountain area. The fountain has been removed, and in its place is a new building annex with catwalks that lead across to the main sniper spot. This was done mainly to increase player interest and traffic in that corner of the level, and to destabilize the sniper positions in that area just a little bit by adding an additional flank route. Also, we just didn’t like the fountain because it looked bad and it didn’t fit with the rest of the level (and we had to replace it with something!)

  • Higher level of detail / visual fidelity across the entire level
  • Level feels more catastrophic overall
  • Areas of level redesigned for more dynamic game play
  • Dinosaur!

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