Sneak-peek of Zen Garden’s visual update!

October 17, 2014


While Zen Garden was already one of our better-looking TDM maps it still felt very uneven. Some areas were were too open, others too cramped. Dead ends served little purpose in the grand scheme of the level. We took Zen Garden’s visual update pass as a chance to also balance the level’s more serious layout problems.


The sporadic cover has been rethought. We reduced the obtrusive lion statues, as well as many of the walls in the narrower hallways. We’ve put more emphasis on placing cover so that it makes more sense and doesn’t contribute to cumbersome pathways or dead ends.

In some cases we completely removed or reworked a section to eliminate needless dead ends. The dead-end bridge above the iced-over pond has been removed since it didn’t play well in TDM and was a sore spot in Horde mode. Instead, we’ve replaced it with a calming, meditative waterfall that helps tie it together with the Path of Lanterns Titan map.


The level feels more porous and less restrictive as a result of many of these changes, which should allow for more fluid paths throughout the level. Previously neglected areas received some needed attention both in visual flair and gameplay balance.

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