Special beta survivor armor set!

May 12, 2014

Scarred by crash bugs, dented by overtuned weapons, scuffed and scratched by countless UI quirks, the Beta Survivor Armor represents the spirit of the stalwart beta tester. This is not the shiny, spotless uniform of an aristocrat worn for fashion but the hardy, utilitarian gear required of one who has fought on the front lines of duty. Available only to the most dedicated and earliest of adopters, this armor wears its flaws for the hard won trophies they are!


On a more serious note, this wasn’t something we originally planned on but the amount of work you guys put into giving us feedback and bug reports during our two free beta weekends was incredible. I know I’ve said this a bunch recently but we really do appreciate how patient you were and the enthusiasm you’ve shown and we decided to show that appreciation in the most direct way we could.

Since we only just started work on this armor set it won’t be available immediately at launch but we’ll be pushing to get it out to you all as soon as we can.

I hope you guys enjoy this special, exclusive armor set just for those who participated in our beta weekends. For those of you who were unable to play due to bugs that kept you from ever joining a match, please do not despair: we will make sure that everyone who tried to test for us will be given one of these fine suits of armor. We’ll do our best to handle those on a case-by-case basis.

See you in the canyon!

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