Titan Factory 2.0 sneak-peek part 2: In with the New

October 24, 2014


Core Goals for Titan Factory Overhaul

The biggest goal for the overhaul was to bring Titan Factory in-line with the standards we set for the other levels – namely having the standard barriers and Power Cores as part of the design. The old version of Titan Factory, instead of having ascending barriers, had descending barriers that players could walk under. While this was a unique spin, it didn’t fit with the standard, and there was no compelling reason to keep it in other than that it was different. There were also no Power Cores to march to, and so Titans would march to … a point on the level, and then the match would end. There was no clear destination for the Titans to reach, which has been rectified.


We also wanted to design the creep spawns so that both teams had to compete over the resources, while making it something that was difficult, but not impossible, to defend. The four creep spawns have been consolidated into two – the large main creep spawn and a minor auxiliary creep spawn. Both spawns have now been moved into the streamlined basement floor, one on each side of the level. Teams will most likely fight over the primary creep area, but a clever team will keep tabs on the smaller one to gain an edge in creep score.


The Golden Creep has been moved to the main game-play floor, and runs around above the creep spawns in a random clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern. As a result, players won’t get “lucky” kills on the Golden Creep if it shows up to the creep nest they just happen to be farming. It’s a much riskier choice to hunt the Golden Creep or give it up to the enemy team.


Many of the stronger elements remain, though certainly changed. Titan Factory 2.0 is a radical departure from the old version, but one we think is for the better. We’ll be continuing to work on and add to Titan Factory 2.0 as we get more feedback from players once it’s live, improving the game flow and making it even prettier. We think you’ll like this new version better than 1.0 already but we’re sure you’ll have a bunch of awesome comments for us to improve it even further.


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