Update 1.1 is finally here!

October 28, 2014

Our first major content update since leaving early access has arrived! We’re really excited to be releasing some of the new stuff we’ve been working on and think that you’ll enjoy the new balance adjustments and prettier maps.

This update also brings with it the first of our new update numbering system. Each major post-early access content update will get a 1.x number to make it easier and more straightforward to keep track of them. Thus, our October update is 1.1, our November update will be 1.2, etc. We’re still keeping the raw build numbers as well (the bigger numbers you’re used to seeing in patch notes) but these will mostly be used to differentiate the smaller, weekly fix and balance builds we put out in between our major updates.

We’ll be putting together a post later in the week to talk about our roadmap for the 1.2 and 1.3 updates, which will carry us through the end of 2014. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming down the pipe and we want to start talking about it with you, our community, very early in the process of development.

As for the 1.1 update itself, this is an update focused on a big wave of map improvements and visual updates along with a new core game feature (Final Assault) and a bunch of awesome Halloween content!



  • [Maps] Added additional cover around the Titan battle area in Path of Lanterns.
  • [Maps] New, improved visuals for Desert Canyon, The Event and Zen Garden. Read more details below.
  • [Maps] Gameplay improvements for The Event and Zen Garden. Read more details below.
  • [Maps] Phase 1 of Titan Factory 2.0 rework! Read more details below.
  • [Maps] Titan Factory 1.0 (IND04) removed.
  • [Game Features] Final Assault game feature added! Read more details below.
  • [Balance] Titans are now immune to damage from the time they spawn up until they first engage the enemy Titan.
  • [Balance] Upon defeating an enemy Titan, the winning Titan now received a moderate health boost.
  • [Balance] Players are now slowed slightly when hit with projectile weapons while wielding a sword weapon.
  • [Balance] Bounce Minigun now deals 25% less damage vs. Titans.
  • [Balance] Olympian armor stats reduced. Helm damage is now 3%/5%/7%, Torso HP is now 0%/5%/10%, Legs speed buff is now 3%/5%/7%.
  • [Balance] Bullet Hell spread pattern adjusted at levels 2 and 5 to be more centered.
  • [Missions] Daily missions are now functioning with First Win of the Day bonuses! Right now these only impact experience points gained but will be expanded to include additional rewards soon.
  • [Horde Mode] Turrets now correctly target enemies in Horde Mode.
  • [UI] Better error messaging when a player has been denied access to a game due to being banned for cheating.
  • [UI] Added new end of match reward screen that better communicates where rewards are coming from and why they’re there. Includes space for additional future improvements and features for this screen.
  • [Skins] New .JSON Halloween armor skin!
  • [Skins] New Pumpkin Jack Halloween armor skin!
  • [Skins] New Sickle Halloween weapon skin!
  • [Skins] New Machete Halloween weapon skin!
  • [Skins] New Pumpkin Grenade Halloween device skins!
  • [Metrics] Additional tracking adding to help identify cheaters.


  • [Stats] Player stats now flush periodically during matches to reduce instances of disconnections resulting in lost progress.
  • [Stats] Fixed the way accuracy stats were being calculated to be more…um, accurate.
  • [Armor] Fixed team color sections of armor not correctly coloring on enemy players.
  • [Armor] Fixed a bug where armor stats could stack upon themselves when players died and respawned.
  • [Armor] Fixed a bug where armor stats sometimes wouldn’t be applied until a player had died the first time after building it.
  • [Authentication] Fixes for instances where players were being incorrectly kicked due to client tokens expiring.
  • [UI] Reworked how end of match rewards are communicated to clients to reduce instances of incorrect rewards being shown.

NEW FEATURE: Final Assault!

We’ve always considered Titan Mode to be Minimum’s core game type – it’s a unique blend of light MOBA elements with solid arena shooter mechanics. We love the way fights break out around Titans, especially while players are defending their walls, but we didn’t love the way matches ultimately ended. After 15 or 20 minutes of tough battles, the final win condition was just…the enemy Titan getting really close to your power core?

It didn’t feel epic enough. Our new Final Assault feature was designed to make the final moments of a match feel suitably dramatic and desperate, and one team fights to take down the hulking enemy Titan as it batters and wrecks their core!

The basics break down like this: Power Cores now have 4 hits worth of HP that must be inflicted by an enemy Titan before they are destroyed (and the game is won). Unlike walls, the damage a core takes does not scale with Titan strength – a Titan must hit a Power Core 4 times before it can be destroyed, regardless of the stage of the match. Power Cores will also regenerate 1 hit’s worth of health during each creep phase, which gives teams that successfully defend their Power Core a chance to mount a serious comeback.

We’ve also addressed back-door Titan damage as part of the Final Assault implementation. Because the Power Core now represents a significant obstacle to victory, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t too easy to kill a Titan before it ever arrived. We’ve done this in two ways: first, Titans are now immune to damage from the time they spawn until they first engage each other. Second, the Titan that wins the Titan battle gets a moderate health boost as a reward. The goal here is to make sure that winning a Titan battle is still important and that the winning team has the resources to make a serious push on the enemy’s base.

We’re pretty excited about the way Final Assault freshens and improves the flow of Titan Mode and we think you’re going to love it to! Be sure to let us know what you think on our forums.

MAJOR MAP REWORK: Titan Factory 2.0!

Titan Factory needs help – it’s one of the oldest maps and lacks a bunch of key features that were added to Titan Mode well after the map was originally created. It’s got game flow issues, navigation issues, balance issues…you name it.


We knew we could do better, and so with the 1.1 update we’re putting out Phase 1 of the new and improved Titan Factory 2.0! The game spaces have been completely reworked, game flow improved, creep areas relocated and critical new features (like Power Cores!) bought in.

Titan Factory 2.0 is a work in progress that will continue to see updates based on feedback over the course of November. You can read our level designer Shane’s thoughts on Titan Factory in his two-part blog posts here and here.

MAP VISUAL AND GAMEPLAY UPDATES: Desert Canyon, The Event and Zen Garden!

Although we love all of our maps (okay, maybe not Titan Factory 1.0…) we felt like they could use a fresh coat of paint to bring them up to the standards of the beautiful Path of Lanterns. We went through and made major visual improvements to all three of these maps and, perhaps more importantly, made some significant gameplay adjustments to The Event and Zen Garden. They should know flow better, have fewer dead zones and a lot more shard powerups!


Shane Newton, our level designer, did a series of blog posts this month talking about the changes to these maps. You can read his thoughts on Desert Canyon, The Event and Zen Garden on our dev blog!

SPOOKY SKINS: Pumpkin Jack, .JSON, Pumpkin Grenades and more!

We’ve churned out a whole ton of awesome Halloween goodies for you! Two brand new armor skins, each with a matching weapon skin for the Inferno Katana. We’ve also got our first set of device skins: a series of pumpkin grenades! The pumpkin grenades, in particular, feature some really awesome particle and sound FX to make them that much spookier.


These skins will be available starting on Thursday and remain so all through the Halloween weekend. Like our special Talk Like a Pirate Day skin, these will be free to everyone who grabs them during the Halloween weekend event!

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