Welcome to the Minimum Mini Beta!

March 24, 2016

Minimum is back up and running with a new player hosted server system!  We’re running a short beta to give our existing players a first look, a chance to give feedback, and a head start on building up your Loadouts!  We will be directly implementing player feedback from the beta, and expect regular updates in the coming weeks.  Mostly, we’re really excited to be back!


  1. Peer servers mean that hosts can tweak the rules, settings, and parameters of the games – we think this will open up a huge range of gameplay opportunities, and we’re looking to keep expanding the options here.
  2. Unfortunately, player accounts in game have been reset.  This affects player level, unlocks and load-outs. This was an unavoidable consequence of the server switch, and we do regret any inconvenience this may have caused.
  3. On the upside, we have removed “red blocks”, and unlocked schematics and blueprints for all players. While you will still need to purchase these items in-game, you can do so with earned blocks.
  4. All current players will receive a head start – a pile of extra blocks to gear up your favorite Loadouts and Armor Sets to get a head start on the competition.


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