Welcome to update 1.2!

November 25, 2014


What’s that you say? You feel like it’s been a few weeks since the last time you got some new stuff from us? Aw shucks, you’re right! I guess that means it’s time for another map face lift, a new weapon, structures, weapon maximization and more!

For update 1.2 we wanted to make sure that you guys really felt the additional options and functionality. Although 1.1 had a ton of cool stuff (and represents a whole lot of work by us!) there was less in the way of new stuff to play with. This time around we worked even harder to ensure that we could deliver on the sort of new features you guys have been asking for, turning around a new weapon in record time.

We’ve also included another little bit of holiday cheer: Turkey creeps! These guys will be gabbling and gobbling their way around all Titan mode maps starting today and going through the end of Thanksgiving weekend in the US. We hope you enjoy these little flavor updates because they sure do amuse the Minimum development crew!


  • [Weapons] The Bullet Hound weapon has been added to the game! A new rifle focusing on mid and mid-long range 1v1 combat, you can find more details about later in this post.
  • [Weapons] Our weapon maximization system has been implemented! This is the first step toward weapon customization – see later in this post for details.
  • [Structures] The structure crafting system has been added to Horde mode! You can get more details on the system later on in this post.
  • [Structures] Raptor Spawner structure added!
  • [Structures] Ice Tower structure added!
  • [Structures] Fire Tower structure added!
  • [Structures] Healing Tower structure added!
  • [Structures] Plasma Rocket Turret added!
  • [Maps] Titan Factory 2.0 has been given a visual update! See later in this post for more details.
  • [Skins] Cyberninja armor set has been added! (Skin for the Ninja armor).
  • [Skins] Moss weapon has been added! (Skin for the Auto Shotgun).
  • [Horde Mode] Adjusted difficulty of enemies to balance with the new structures in mind.
  • [UI] Hit feedback sounds are now available and can be enabled via the options menu.
  • [Fun Times] Turkeys have temporarily replaced creeps in all Titan maps!


  • [Disconnects] Resolved additional instances of users being disconnected from servers.
  • [Banning] Fixed some instances where users were being shown the ban message when they had a normal Steam or Mber authorization failure instead.
  • [UI] Fixed rendering lag when opening the in-match crafting interface. Should be much more responsive now.
  • [UI] Fixed instances where the Titan Final Assault and Kill Creeps status indicators would only activate correctly for one team.
  • [Beam Rifle] Fixed alt-fire VFX sometimes failing to display.
  • [Matchmaking] Adjusted matchmaking regions to improve times.
  • [Maps] Adjusted Golden Creep spawn position and pathing to avoid instances of the creep becoming stuck.
  • [AI] Fixed Raptor enemies so that they correctly use their attack animations. Also improved their behaviors to be a little more intelligent.
  • [AI] Reduced the distance Titans stand when attacking power cores to fix intermittent animation issues.
  • [Armor] Fixed a bug where Samurai legs armor was reducing HP when it shouldn’t have been.
  • [Servers] Fixed an issue where private servers could get stuck at 4 player limits instead of reverting to 10 players, causing availability issues.



A new weapon has been one of the most common requests from you guys and, within that sphere, a weapon that’s effective at mid to mid-long ranges has been very popular. So popular, in fact, that some of our more dedicated players simply would not shut up about it so we finally went ahead and made one. Let it never be said that antagonizing us during our weekly Twitch streams doesn’t eventually work if one is persistent enough.

The Bullet Hound features three barrels oriented vertically. The weapon fires three-round bursts with high accuracy, starting with the top barrel and descending to the bottom one. The projectiles are arranged such that skilled players should be able to put the top two rounds into an opponent’s head, but never all 3 at once. Less skilled players will get one head and two body shots instead. The alt-fire is a moderate zoom to make distance engages easier to manage, and the Bullet Hound receives additional damage and a shorter delay between bursts as it levels from 1 to 5.

This weapon is intended to match the Bullet Hell in standoff engages at early levels with a small advantage due to its zoom. Post level 3 the Bullet Hound starts to pull away from the bullet hell in single target ranged DPS, although it is less effective against grouped enemies and against larger targets like Titans. Try it out and let us know what you think!


At long last, weapon maximization is finally implemented! This is the first step in getting weapon customization up and running as it uses the same underlying tech (but in a more controlled fashion).

Maximization is simple: whenever you craft a new weapon there is a chance that you’ll instead receive the maximized version of it. The trait bonuses applies to maximized weapons vary, but they’re typically something like additional base damage, clip size, reload speed, fire rate, etc. The bonuses are intended to be noticeable but not to create a complete imbalance between those who have a maximized weapon and those who do not.

As Steam Trading comes online you’ll be able to trade for maximized (and modded!) weapons with other players.



Structure were always intended to be the second-half of the in-match crafting system, and now they’ve finally arrived! Structures are fixed-position items that can be build using blueprints, like armor. Unlike armor, structures are actually placed in the map and thus have various impacts on or around they’re placed area. Some are area-denial focused, other defensive, other offensive, and all can be destroyed if targeted by enemies.

Creating structures draws on the same set of crafting materials as your armor: shards and fragments. Players will need to make choices about whether to invest in armor upgrades, which you can’t lose but help primarily yourself, or in structures that will provide strategic benefits to your team.

For this initial rollout structure are only available in Horde mode. That’s the bad news – the good news is that structures make Horde mode way more fun. The ability to plan out defenses and direct enemies into traps adds a lot of variety and sponteniety to the mode and really helps to freshen it it.

The other good news is that Horde mode structures will lead directly into Titan mode structures in our 1.3 update, so stay tuned!



The 1.1 update saw us make a complete gameplay overhaul to Titan Factory, outright replacing it with a much improved map. For 1.2 we went through and gave it a massive facelift to bring the visuals up to our lofty standards, as well as taking the opportunity to fix some bugs and make some balance tweaks based on player feedback.

Titan Factory 2.0 has replaced Path of Lanterns as the favorite map of many of us on the Minimum development team, so we’re very curious to see what you all think of the latest version. Be sure to check out the gorgeous vistas outside the newly enlarged factory windows!



A few new skins for your enjoyment. We all love ninjas, and one of the few things that can improve them is the addition of cybernetic augments. Thus was born the Cyberninja skin! We also saw how much people liked the AK-47 like Bullet Hell skin so we thought we’d try another real-world analog in the Moss Auto Shotgun skin. Let us know how you feel about these new visual treats!

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