Devices are additional equipment that aid players in game matches. These can range from traditional fragmentation grenades that are lobbed by the player and detonate a few seconds later to spring boards that are deployed in front of the player and vault players into the air when run over. Each device has a cool-down that limits how frequently it can be used.

Delivery methods and activation triggers vary based on the device type. The following list details the devices that will be available to players at launch.

By default the Q key is used for consumables.


Napalm Grenade

Napalm grenades throw a grenade that ignites a pool of flame after the timer expires. Anyone caught in the pool will take damage over time, and health regeneration will be halted until the effect expires.


Frag Grenade

Throws a grenade that explodes after a delay and inflicts area of effect of damage.


Minigun Turret

Throws a grenade that spawns a Minigun turret on contact. The Minigun turret will then target nearby enemies and fire at them.


Flame Turret

Flame turrets throws a grenade that spawns a flamethrower turret on contact. The flamethrower turret will attack nearby enemies. When an enemy is hit by the flamethrower they will receive damage over time and health regeneration will be halted until the effect expires.


Self Power Up

When used, immediately upgrades the player’s equipped weapon by two power-up levels. For example, if a player has the plasma launcher equipped at power level 1 and uses the Self Power-up the plasma launcher is immediately upgraded to power-up level 3.


Self Heal

When used the Heal immediately restores a portion of the player’s health and dispels any negative effects (such as being on fire, poisoned, etc.)


Re-Spawn Beacon

Throws a grenade that then deploys a respawn beacon on impact. When the player dies, they respawn at the beacon location (versus a default spawn location) and the beacon is destroyed.

Note: Beacon can be destroyed by enemies that find it.


Plasma Turret

Throws a grenade that deploys a plasma turret on contact. The plasma turret then fires on any nearby enemies and inflicts area of effect damage (multiple enemies can be damaged by the plasma exploding, with those closest to the epicenter receiving the most damage).


Spring Board

Plants a mine directly in front of the player and is instantly deployed into a spring board. The next actor (friend, enemy, or AI) to step on the spring board is launched into the air a set distance and height. The spring board immediately despawns after use.


Ice Detpack

Throws a detpack that will stick to surfaces, enemies, or neutrals when it impacts. The player that threw the detpack can then detonate the ice detpack at any time. Any enemies caught in the blast will be temporarily slowed until the effect expires.